Angel Dental Group

NH was the angel investor of Angel Dental Group in the PRC. The funding from NH was a significant milestone for Angel Dental Group which has operated a national dental-care chain since 2003 and has also provided invisible teeth straightening devices and technology services.

In 2010, NH successfully raised a US$6.6 million Series A preferred shares financing for the invisible teeth business which was subscribed by OrbiMed Asia Partners, L.P. (“OrbiMed”) and other individual investors. OrbiMed is an asset management firm focused on the global health sciences industry.

Following the completion of their US$6.6 million Series A financing, NH continued raising funds in the capital market in 2011 by issuing Series B preferred shares for an aggregate amount of US$15 million to Warburg Pincus, LLC, a leading global private equity firm.

In 2015, NH, along with other shareholders disposed of their respective interests, roughly 82% of the total issued share capital, in the invisible teeth business. Receiving considerations exceeding US$60million from a venture capital entity based in Beijing.

In addition, NH’s equity interest in another dental-care chain business was fully acquired by a private investor in 2015 for a consideration equal to six times its profit after tax.